A day of Classic Cars.

Classic Cars are beautiful. And today we had a Classic Car Convention here in Osterode.

Up until today, I had totally forgotten that OTTO was in town again. Originally, I had planned to explore some place in the Harz, but that will have to wait until next weekend.

Classic Cars in Osterode.

Classic Cars are just so beautiful! They just have so much character. I think I am just partial to them. I absolutely love a beautiful blue Mustang or an old MG. But I guess my favourite would be a nice old Porsche 911. Those are just too beautiful in a fiery orange.

I also really like this red Alfa.

Usually, I really love a nice Salmon Sandwich. So I got one from my usual Fish Stand today. The thing was that they were almost out of Salmon, and the rest they had was just way to salty. It was like having a mouthful of salt.

A beautiful Motorcycle on a trailer.

When I arrived at the convention, some people were already leaving, because it looked like it would rain for a bit. But it never started to do so.

A Messerschmidt Cabin leaving.

I had a great afternoon seeing all those Classics and talking to some of the owners. Despite there being an absolute tonne of people, I think I was able to get at least some half decent shots out of it.

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