New Series coming up.

A few days ago, I took to my Instagram stories to ask my followers which places in the Harz were their favourite, and which places I definitely should explore. I got suggested 6 places to go so far.

And those six places are just enough to start a series on, as they are spread all over the Harz. So in the next weeks, whenever I have the time, I am going to take on those places and explore them. This might take me some time though, as I also have exams coming up later this month.

Taken at the Okertalsperre.

I love the Harz quite a bit, there are just so many beautiful places in the area. But one of my personal favourites is the Okertalsperre, so I am introducing it as Part 0 of my new ‘Exploring the Harz (Like you told me to)’ Series.

One of the many dams at the Okertalsperre.

The Okertalsperre is a Y shaped reservoir sitting between Clausthal, Altenau and Oker. Its construction was started at the beginning of World War II, and because of the war construction was halted in 1942. The main dam was finally completed in 1956. To fill the reservoir, a village had to be relocated and flooded.

A road a the Okertalsperre.

Nowadays, you can take boat tours on the reservoir during the summertime. You can also take out sailboats and canoes. This is especially affordable for university students, since the Clausthal University of Technology operates its own boat house at the Okertalsperre. When I first saw a lone Campus-marker on the road, I was confused at first. But I quickly learned about the boathouse.

A rock formation at the Okertalsperre.

I wont tell you the places that got suggested to me yet, as I do not yet know what place I am going to explore first. So stay tuned for that.

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