The Prinzenteich.

Today, I had a lot on my agenda. But I also had plenty of time to explore place one on my list: the Prinzenteich.

I chose the Prinzenteich as number one not only because it is the closest to my home, but also because it is on my way to University. I just have to make a left where I would usually go straight ahead to Clausthal.

The Prinzenteich in all its glory.

I have been at the Prinzenteich before, do not get me wrong, but I had not been in a while, so I found it really useful that they have a map of it at the parking lot. Once, when I was a kid, I even spent a night at that Teich with my dad.

The notice.

The first unusual thing I noticed was a bright yellow ‘no swimming’ sign. And usually, a lot of people go swimming in the Prinzenteich as it is normally allowed.

It is full of algae.

When I came closer to the Teich however, I noticed a foul stench in the air. And what the sign warned of came in to sight: The lake was full of Cyanophyta, or as they are called in Germany, Blue Algae. Those algae are really no good for the fish in the Teich, as they tend to deplete the water of oxygen when they inevitably die.

The Prinzenteich is beautiful nonetheless.

After a while, I then headed on to Clausthal. But instead of going back the way I came, I decided to continue on through the Innerstetal. And I do not regret my decision.

An abandoned quarry.

On my way through the Innerstetal, I came across a beautiful abandoned quarry. The trees on top of it where standing right at the abyss. It was absolutely stunning. But I did not went closer, as there was a sign warning of rock fall, and it was also very overgrown. I guess that cliff was about 100 meters high or more. But I might also be mistaken.

At the end of the Innerstetal.

After I arrived in Clausthal, I then had a steak at the Bergbauernmarkt in Zellerfeld. And right now I’m sitting here on Campus preparing for the next round of exams, that start next Saturday for me.

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