Clausthal from above.

I really like Clausthal. Not just because I go to University there, but because it is a beautiful place. During yesterday’s Montgolfiade, I had the chance to take a trip up in a Balloon Cage on a Crane. And I took it.

I knew that I wanted to take that Crane ride before I even arrived at the Montgolfiade. So when I got there, I made my way to the ticket booth right away, and paid my 5 Euro fee.

The Crane.

At the Crane I had to wait in line for about 15 Minutes, quite a long time. When it was finally my time then, I had to leave my backpack with the Crane attendants, because it would have taken up to much space in that Balloon Cage. But I had planned on leaving it on the ground anyways.

The view towards Clausthal.

The Crane took us up to 52 Metres, and the view was spectacular, you could see for miles around from up there. It was extremely beautiful.

The view towards my Universities ‘C’ Campus.

Clausthal really does look good from above. And even though I am terribly afraid of heights, I had absolutely no problem to stand in a small Hot Air Balloon Cage supported by nothing but a thin steel wire.

The Brocken seen in the distance.

From up there, you can even see the Brocken. That is the highest mountain in the Harz, and also one of my favourite places in the area. I really love it here in the Harz.

Towards Buntenbock and Osterode.

My favourite Photograph that I took from up in the Balloon was the Street towards Osterode that I take multiple times a week though, because I really like the shadows created by the trees standing there.

Parts of the event grounds of the Montgolfiade.

I had a really good time up in that Hot Air Balloon on the Crane. And for 5 Euros, I would definitely do it again. And even though I am still afraid of heights, I think I am starting ton really enjoy testing my limits and going high up. The world is just to beautiful from above to miss out on it.

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