Hiking in the Bremketal.

A while ago I asked my Instagram followers to tell me their favourite place in the Harz. I got some recommendations. The Bremketal near Osterode was one of those places. So I went hiking with my Mom there today.

The Bremketal is a beautiful valley, stretching near the Prinzenteich down to Osterode. It is a great place to hike, but biking would be great there to, as it is a paved road most of the way.

Near Freiheit.

My Mom and I started our way in Freiheit, were we made our way up the Alte Harzstraße and then down into the Bremketal. That Street is quite steep, so we wanted to get past it in the beginning of our hike.

A tree stump on the way to the Bremketal.

We soon arrived in the Bremketal, and started to make our way back towards Osterode. There were quite a few other hikers and cyclists around. The weather was just to good today.

In the Bremketal.

I really enjoy hiking through the Bremketal, and before University, I actually used to hike through the Bremketal quite a few times. I do not really know why I ever stopped doing so.

The forrest opens up.

Coming closer to Osterode, the forest of the Bremketal opens up to agriculture. Today, that place was not the nicest to hike through, because there was little to no shadow from trees there. It still was a very beautiful hike though.

My new Backpack on a pile of trees.

I really love my Photography Backpack, but it is bulky and big. So I got a new, smaller backpack for my 25th Birthday last month from my mom. I primarily use it to go to Work and University, but it is also very well suited for hiking.

The Bremketal closer to Osterode.

At the end of the Bremketal, we had to make a choice: Going back through the Lindenstraße, or going back through the Gipsmühlenweg. We chose the longer way through the Gipsmühlenweg. It was a good choice.

An old sign on our route.

The Gipsmühlenweg is called so, because there were quite a few Gypsum Mills located there a while ago. Some of them still operate, and their old signage is still there. I will do a blogpost about the Gypsum Mountains in Osterode at some point in the future.

The Gipsmühlenweg.

After about 2.5 hours and 8.5 kilometres, we were back home. It was a great hike. Me and my Mom both had a very good time. And the Bremketal was beautiful as always.

The Caterpillar.

On the way, while still in the Bremketal, we stumbled across a little Caterpillar in the middle of the road, refusing to be saved. I believe he liked the warmth of the asphalt.

Update: I made a small mistake regarding the gypsum production in and around Osterode. It has been corrected.

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