My new Backpack.

I love my LowePro ProTactic Photo Backpack, but sometimes it is a little bit big and cumbersome to carry around. Because of that, I got a new, secondary Backpack for my 25th Birthday last month.

It was no easy choice to decide for which Backpack I would ask my Mom for as a gift, but I quickly ended up with a clear winner: The Tasmanian Tiger TT Essential Pack L in Tan. Tasmanian Tiger is a German Brand mainly manufacturing gear for Police and Military Applications, but their gear is also available in Outdoor Stores.

The Backpack.

Because of that Military Background, their Gear is sturdy, top quality and also offer high Modularity through the MOLLE system. And I really love Modularity when it comes to my Photography gear. That is, because no Backpack is perfect. And the ability to add stuff on the outside, as well as the inside, is always a great thing to me.

At the Prinzenteich.

I originally got the new Backpack to take it to Work and University, but I quickly figured out that it also works great for hiking and exploring, when I do not need to take all of my gear with it. That is because the Backpack is quite light, and with an old Sling-style Camera Bag inserted into it, also more than sturdy enough to do the job.

Hiking through the Bremketal.

I also used the Backpack on yesterdays hike through the Bremketal with my Mom, and it did its’ job extremely well without being in the way at all. I barely even noticed it was there.

The Backpacks Velcro patch.

Another great aspect of the Backpacks Modularity is a big stripe of Velcro on the top. I put a Canadian Flag Patch and a ‘Photography is all I need’ Patch I got at Photokina last year. But you could put everything that has Velcro on there.

In the Innerstetal.

All in all, I am glad I choose this Backpack over the other Options I had.

*I am in no way affiliated with the Tasmanian Tiger Brand or any of its Representatives.

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