I still love Autumn.

The weather is getting wetter, the leaves are changing their colours. It is Autumn again. And Autumn is my favourite Season. On the days it does not rain, that is.

Trees just look so beautiful when their Leaves are more than just green. I love green Leaves, but sometimes, Colours are just awesome. And yes, I do know that all those beautiful Colours are scientifically speaking just decay, but darn, they do look awesome!

I absolutely love Autumn.

While Autumn Colours are clearly the best, Autumn Weather is not. It is cold and rainy and also very windy sometimes. I really do not like Autumn when the weather is bad. I am more of an Indian Summer guy.

There were more Colours at the ‘Mall’.

The Beauty is that not all Trees change Colour at once, and, more significantly so, all have different Colours. Ranging from Yellow over Orange to Red, Nature offers up a huge pallet of Colours.

My favourite Autumn Shot from last year.

Maple Trees are my favourite though. I absolutely love the Shapes and the Colour Range in Maple Leaves. They also remind me of Canada for some reason. I have not seen many Maple Trees during my time in Canada.

Indian Summer in Algonquin Park. (2014)

Autumn really is my absolute favourite Season of the Year. I just love it a lot.

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