Editing with Lightroom CC

A while ago, I downloaded Lightroom CC to my Laptop so that I could have my custom presets on my iPhone. I still mainly edited with Lightroom Classic CC, and I still do that. But today I decided to actually try and edit a Photo entirely on my iPhone.

After an early morning Exam, it was at 7am, and a short shift at Work, I made my way to Freiheit to take a picture of a path that leads from one end of a Street to the other end of the ‘same’ Street through a patch of Forrest.

The Orange Leaf Path.

Editing the Picture actually went quite smooth. My Preset worked flawlessly, and I was able to do all my adjustments from that base layer. Even HSL worked like a charm. I actually quite liked the process.

Edited on Lightroom Classic.

One Problem I ran into with a different Picture a few days ago was that Lightroom CC does not offer Range Masks for Luminance in Filters yet. And I pretty much always use those whenever my skies are a bit to light. So I hope Adobe adds that Feature ASAP.

I used a Graduated Filter with Range Mask on this one.

Another thing you cannot do with Lightroom CC is merging Photos to either HDR or into a Panorama. And while I do not use those Features a lot, I still do so sometimes. I would definitely miss them if they where absent from Lightroom Classic, and I really would appreciate them coming to Lightroom CC for mobile editing.

Edited using Lightroom CC.

All in all, Lightroom CC is a quite capable app though. And since it is included with my Adobe CC Photography Plan, I am definitely going to use it for mobile editing.

At the Prinzenteich.

If you do not want to get a Adobe CC Subscription though, some great alternatives for mobile editing are Snapseed by Google, which is for free, and Pixelmator Photo, which is a paid app exclusive for iPads though. VSCO is another option, but I have never really used it myself.

*I have no affiliation with Adobe or any of the other brands mentioned.

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