Oktoberfest at the Firehouse.

Every year, the Volunteer Fire Brigade here in Osterode holds their very successful Oktoberfest. So naturally, I was unable to get any tickets. I am not that much into Oktoberfest anyways.

But after this mornings Maths Exam, I really was feeling a little bit peckish. So I drove by the afternoon part of the Oktoberfest to get some delicious grilled sausage and to just hang around the Firehouse with my Firefighter Uncle for a while.

Some Fire Engines at the Firehouse.

I extremely appreciate the Work and Time all those Volunteer Firefighters put in to keep the Community safe. They are definitely Awesome!

The Door-shield on a Fire Truck.

This morning, on the way to that Maths Exam, it was so extremely foggy, I pretty much could not see anything on the road. So I guess I got lucky to make to University in Clausthal in time and also without incident.

The Fog on the way back to Osterode.

On the way back to Osterode, and the Oktoberfest, it was even foggier than in the morning. But that was fine. I did not had to be anywhere at a particular time.

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