My favourite Building in Clausthal.

There are a lot of beautiful Buildings in Clausthal. Like the blue Marktkirche, or the Universities Aula Academia. But the one Building I really like is totally different from all the others.

The CZM is a part of University, and instead of being a simple, plain box, it consists of two ‘rounded’ boxes, where the roof flows over into the short walls, and a box that connects to two in the middle. Behind the Building, a bridge connects it to a plain old office box.

Said Building.

I always come back to take a few Photos of it every few weeks. I do not share all of them, but I do take quite a few.

Another Shot of the Building.

The Building is made mostly of steel, and I absolutely love it. But I especially love the shape of it, and the great big windows on its sides. And I love big Windows.

Shot at Night.

At night, it is cast as beautiful light. It just looks so great in a long exposure. And also in a short one, like in the Photo above. I really like that Building. I guess that is so because it is architecturally different. The CZM is just so unique in shape and look.

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