Beautiful Harz.

I absolutely love the Harz. And after I had an Exam today, I decided to drive around the Area for a bit. And then the weather went from okay to quite bad.

After buying myself some dinner at the supermarket, I made my way over to the Oderteich near Torfhaus. On the way there it got quite foggy and rainy for a few minutes, but when I arrived at the Teich, it had cleared up for a bit.

At the Oderteich.

Off course, I brought my new Wide-Angle Lens with me. And I absolutely loved it. I was able to capture so much more than I was before. But at some times, I actually found the Lens to be a little bit too wide.

I love this Picture.

Obviously, I also had my old 18-55mm Kit Lens with me. That was because I love the versatility of bringing multiple Lenses when I go out to shoot.

At the Magdeburger Hütte.

After a while, it started to rain again though, and I decided to make my way back home. Half way there, I decided to stop by the Magdeburger Hütte, which is a refuge spot for hikers, to take a picture of a hiking path I saw from the road.

The view from the Magdeburger Hütte.

The view from the Magdeburger Hütte is actually quite nice. It is a beautiful place, but after a while, it started to rain again. And this time, it rained real hard.

I really love the Harz.

I think that the Harz is a very beautiful Area, even when the weather is bad. I just really love it here.

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