Night Photography.

I really love it to do some nice Long Exposure Photography. But sometimes, I do not have my Tripod with me or just want to change up the Game.

So sometimes, I just go around at Night, when it is dark, to take some Short Exposures.

Shot at 1/6 Seconds.

I usually would use one of my Prime Lenses for Night Photography because of their fast Apertures. But sometimes, I also use one of my Zoom Lenses with Image Stabilization. That is because IS allows me to shoot at those slower Shutter Speeds handheld to compensate for their narrower Aperture.

I love Night Photography.

Usually, you try to use a Shutter Speed that is at least as ‘fast’ as the Reciprocal of the Lenses effective Focal Length. For example, when you use a 100mm Lens, your Shutter Speed should be at least at 1/100 Seconds. But with 4 Stop IS, you can actually drop down way lower than that, to around 1/6 Seconds.

Light is Paramount for Night Photography.

Off course, as with any Photography, a Subject is important for your Pictures, but especially at Night, Light is Paramount. Without Light, you just can not see your Subject. Without Light, there is just no interest in your Photos. Luckily, artificial Light is everywhere nowadays. And it looks awesome in Photography. Except for when you are into Astro Photography. Than Light Pollution is actually quite bad.

One of my favourite Streets in Osterode.

I just find Non-Long Exposure Night Photography quite relaxing at times. It is just so nice and quiet here in Osterode after dark.

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