Planning Photoshoots.

I absolutely love Landscape Photography. It is kind of my thing. But sometimes, you have to plan ahead for a Photoshoot go right.

After figuring out where and what I want to shoot, I use some Map service to find out who to get where I want to go. I also try to find the nearest parking space for my car.

In the Bremketal.

Knowing the weather is just as important as knowing how to get to the spot. It just does not make a lot of sense to go out and shoot a wonderful Landscape when it is raining quite hard. A low cloud cover and grey skies just are bad for shooting Sunsets.

In Schwiegershausen.

Since Light is quite important for any kind of Photography. To find out where the Sun is going to be, I use an App called PhotoPills. It is actually quite good at that, and also at some other things. But you can also use different apps and services.

On Schiermonnikoog.

To find out where I want to shoot, I mostly go through Instagram or just search a general area on the Internet if I know where I am going to be. Sometimes, I even use some old school Travel Guides to see how places have changed.

Shot today in Clausthal.

Planning for Landscape Photography is important, but it is only a small part of the actual Photoshoot. And that is a good thing. Because I love Photography, but I do not really like the planning.

*I am not affiliated with PhotoPills. I paid for the App with my own Money.

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