Hiking around a Quarry.

Quite a while ago, I asked my Instagram Followers to tell me their favourite places in the Harz so that I could go and Explore a few of them. Today, I made my way to Wolfshagen im Harz to go and hike around the abandoned Diabase Quarry there.

I started my journey to Wolfshagen at Home in Osterode around 2:30pm to arrive at my destination about half an hour later. I then parked my Car near the local cemetery. There, I met some Friends and we started our Hike up the Heimberg, where is Quarry is located.

The Quarry in Wolfshagen.

After a quite slow ascend, we quickly found a beautiful spot that overlooked the Quarry, where Diabase was mined from 1885 to 1986, when it was abandoned to Nature. The Harzer Wandernadel Station, Number 109, was actually at the same Spot.

Stempelstelle 109 of the Harzer Wandernadel.

Since the Quarry was abandoned, Nature has reclaimed the Area and turned it into a quite beautiful sight to behold. Over the time, the Quarry partially filled up with water to form a few small Ponds in it.

Ponds in the Quarry.

There is a big Rock sitting pretty much in the middle of the Quarry. I guess that that Rock is one of the many things that make this one abandoned Quarry so unique. And I have to say, it is absolutely beautiful.

The big Rock is on the right.

Originally, my Friends and I had planned to just hike up to the Stempelstelle, take a few Pictures, and then take the same way back to my Car. I actually ended up following the ‘official’ round trip around the Quarry, called ‘Spur der Steine’, or Trail of Stones, because it would would not make that much of a difference distance wise, according to Signage.

The Path back to Wolfshagen and my Car.

I had an awesome time hiking around the abandoned Diabase Quarry with some Friends, and we would definitely recommend anyone taking the time and explore the Area.

The forest at the Heimberg.

After I parted ways with my Friends, I decided to drive back home to Osterode. While I drove through the Harz on my way to Wolfshagen, I decided to take the way around on the way back, as it would have been less curvy and thus a bit faster. I was so wrong assuming that. The journey was construction site after construction site. It took so long to get back to Osterode.

Another Picture of the Quarry.

Below you can find a Map of the Hike me and my Friends took around the Diabase Quarry in Wolfshagen:

Nowadays, no Human is alowed to venture into the Quarry, as it serves as a Wildlife Refuge. It would probably also be quite dangerous down there. Because of that, here is hort Video I found on YouTube:

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