Exploring Home.

I was born and grew up, for the most part, in the 90ties. And as a 90ties kid in a small German town, Osterode, I spent most of my waking hours in and around the Forest.

We did not own a PlayStation or anything like that, but that was okay. In fact, I would not have wanted it to be any other way. I loved my Childhood.

The Apenke.

My family had a quite sizeable backyard, but for my Brother and I, nothing could beet the Forest right behind our property lines. It was the absolute best. We even had a small river, the Apenke, pretty much to ourselves.

The Forest.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I spent a lot of time in that Forest. And I found a lot of Stuff there. Like an old floor tile. Or some DM Coins. I also found an old US Quarter Dollar.

A Forstweg.

Nowadays, I live in the middle of Osterode, and it is okay. But sometimes, I return to the Forests of my childhood, just to hang out and walk around for a while.

The other Side of the Apenke.

I am happy where I am today, but it is important to always remember where you came from. No matter where you go, your roots will always be a part of who you are.

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