Back at the WeltWald.

A few weeks ago, I visited the WeltWald Harz in Bad Grund. I had a great time there back then. So I did not hesitate when my Mom asked me if I wanted to come with her and and my Stepfather and joined them for a proper hike through the WeltWald.

The Weather was supposed to clear up around 3pm today, but it really did not. It rained pretty much all the time we hiked through the WeltWald.

A path in the WeltWald.

After getting HWN Stamps for the others, we continued on the Orange Leaf Path. I do not remember the actual name of that round, but it was marked with an Orange Leaf on way markers.

Autumn Colours in the WeltWald.

Because of all the Rain, most of the Paths were quite muddy and very slippery. The fact that I had forgotten my proper Hiking Boots did not really help me hiking through the WeltWald. I also had taken off my Glasses, because they fogged up all the time.

On the WeltWalds’ Canada Trail.

After a while, we made it onto the Canada Trail of the WeltWald. While there are Canadian Trees in other parts of the Area, the Canada Trail is literally littered with them. It is actually one of my favourite Trails in the Park, after the Giant Sequoia Trail, where the Suspension Bridge is located.

A Giant Sequoia.

The Orange Leaf Path would have actually led away from the Canada Trail near the Parking Lot where we had left the Car when we arrived, but because of the bad Weather, we decided to cut our hike short right then and there.

Another Part of the Canada Trail.

Because it was still a bit early, and we where all wet and cold, we then decided to head into Clausthal to have a short Coffee Break before heading back home. I had a Hot Chocolate, as I really despise Coffee.

The Suspension Bridge at the WeltWald.

Despite the Weather, it was still an awesome afternoon with my family. And now I have to go clean my Shoes.

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