Holding Stuff in in front of my Camera

I really love Landscape Photography. For me, a truly stunning Landscape speaks for itself. But sometimes, I really love it to hold Stuff in front of my Camera just for fun.

In Autumn, Leafs are great example of Stuff that does very well in front of a Camera. Especially if you love those beautiful Autumn Colours.

I found this Leaf on the Street in Osterode.

I absolutely love it to hold Leafs in front of my Camera. But I also like it to feature other Things in my Photography as Foreground Interest. Like my Phone in Camera Mode.

Photographic Inception in Sweden.

Sometimes though, I use random Objects I find in the Area that I am Shooting at to keep it fresh. Even though I do not always publish the results, it is quite some fun to go through the process of picking Stuff and holding it in front of my Camera.

Holding a Pine Cone in front of the Stave Church in Hahnenklee.

Currently, my favourite Objects to hold in front of my Camera are Leafs though. That is because I absolutely love Autumn Colours.

Another Leaf in front of my Camera.

I took my favourite Shot of a Leaf last year though, when I still had my old DSLR.

My favourite Shot of a Leaf.

It is really fun to hold Things in front of my Camera sometimes, and I recommend you doing it sometimes. It is definitely a good idea to use wider Lenses with Image Stabilization though, as those make it easier to do so by yourself.

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