I love Fachwerkhäuser.

Here in Osterode, Fachwerkhäuser, or Half-Timbered Houses, are quite a common sight, especially in the towns Centre. In fact, I currently live in a Fachwerkhaus.

Fachwerkhäuser are actually quite a beautiful sight. Sometimes, their wooden frames are decorated quite intricate. Some are even slightly colourful.

Fachwerkhäuser in the Waagestraße.

I absolutely love Fachwerkhäuser. Every single one is different, and not one is alike. Since they are mainly built from wood clay and straw or wood and bricks, Fachwerkhäuser are actually quite alive in themselves.

The Kornmarkt in Osterode.

Since most Fachwerkhäuser were built Centuries ago, some of them are actually quite crooked. But that is another thing that makes them so unique and beautiful. None of them are perfect. And I absolutely love that.

From the Aegidienstraße.

I actually think that Fachwerkhäuser are a part of what draws tourist into Germany. Some even expect to see those in larger cities. But most of them were destroyed during the War or during several Great Fires in the 19th Century, like the Great Fire of Hamburg.

Another one from the Kornmarkt.

Here around the Harz we have quite a few Fachwerkhäuser left over tough. And they are definitely worth a visit, maybe even a short Road Trip.

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