I am a Mountain Man.

While I absolutely love to travel everywhere. But I would always prefer the Mountains to the Beach. I just absolutely love those beautiful, rugged Landscapes.

While the Harz is technically a Mountainous Area, most of the Mountains here a covered with loads of Trees.

A Mountain Road in the Harz.

And while I absolutely love the Harz, especially the more Rocky Areas, I do prefer really Rocky, Alpes like Mountains.

A Rocky Patch in the Harz.

The thing is that I have not been to the Mountains out of the Harz in such a long time. And I absolutely do miss them. In the Mountains, everything is small, except for the Mountains themselves. And I absolutely love that.

The Cariboo Mountains in BC, Canada.

My favourite Mountain Range that I have been to so far is definitely the Cariboos in British Columbia, Canada. They are Part of the Canadian Rockies. When I worked at the foot of Saddle Mountain back in 2014/2015, I always had the Mountains around me, and that was awesome!

The Mountains from a Helicopter.

Back then I was a Dishwasher for a Helicopter Skiing Company, and at one day, they had offered a Helicopter Tour for Staff only. Off course I took the Opportunity and went on the trip. Seeing the Mountains from above was even cooler than seeing them from below. I would definitely recommend you to take a Helicopter or even a small little Cessna over the Mountains. It is just so absolutely stunning.

Saddle Mountain in the Fog.

Mountains also look extremely beautiful and somewhat mysterious when they just slightly peek out of the Fog. While I would not want to get lost in the Fog in the Mountains, it sure makes for interesting Photos.

An abandoned Quarry in the Harz.

Do not get me wrong, I love the Mountains we have here in the Harz, but I do miss the Capital ones. And by that, I mean the Mountains that do not stop at 1000 Metres in height.

4 thoughts on “I am a Mountain Man.”

  1. Well now there’s a thing: I live in the Cariboo, BC!
    We get many German tourists here. I once asked one why he came halfway around the world for a vacation. His reply was that it looked much like Germany, only it’s cheaper.
    I can clearly see the resemblance from some of your photos, and feel truly sorry for you about the “cheaper” aspect as it’s pretty darn expensive to live here!

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    1. I lived in Blue River from November 2014 to March 2015 to work as a Dishwasher. And I thought it was pretty darn pricey to live there. Especially since the only store pretty much charged 50% extra on everything.


      1. Any of the “tourist” areas are expensive, often on a seasonal basis (we watch our prices rise in Summer). For example Whistler is a town no one can afford now. Blue River is about the same latitude as where our cabin is, but we are more central BC.

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