Fog, Mist & Haze.

Landscape Photography is so awesome. I usually prefer good Visibility for my Photography, but sometimes, it is quite Foggy here in the Harz. I used to not shoot when it was Foggy. But lately, I came to like that quite a bit.

Fog just makes the Picture that little bit more mystical. And I really like that.

Taken a few weeks ago.

Sometimes though, there is just to much Fog to see anything. And in that case, it also does not make any sense to take Pictures in it. But when there is still some Visibility, it actually looks very awesome.

A little Fog at the end of the Road.

The same thing goes for a little Mist or some Haze, but I do not have any Examples of that.

It was a bit Foggy today.

Today, on my way to University, it actually was a little Foggy. Because of that, I stopped a few times along the way to take some Pictures. For that, I turned my Car around 3 times just to stop at some Forestry Roads and take Pictures.

Some Fog in the Distance.

Shooting in the Fog does not require anything special, except for some Fog. You do not need to change any of your Settings or anything. All you need to do is to take your Camera, put a Lens on it, go out there in the Fog and shoot.

Shot in the Harz last Winter.

In the End, I really enjoy it to shoot in the Fog sometimes, and I would have never known that if I had not tried it again a few weeks ago after not liking it for quite some time. So I guess the underlying Issue is that you should always try new things, even if you did not like them before. Things change all the time, and that is good.

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