The crazy Journeys.

I absolutely love it to Travel. Usually, I take the easiest/ cheapest route to get to places. But sometimes, I chose the slightly crazier route. Or something goes terribly wrong. And than a standard old Journey turns into a crazy one.

One example of a Journey gone wrong would be when I returned Home from the Netherlands just a few Months ago, in March. The overhead power lines for the Train had broken, and I had to take a Cab ride and some totally different Trains to make it home. Read more about that here.

A Dutch Train.

I took another crazy Journey last year, when I took the Bus back home from Karlstad in Sweden, that took me over 24 hours in total last September, in 2018. But that Journey was actually quite affordable, around 40€. But when I arrived in Hannover, I was actually happy to change the Bus for a train.

Örebros Svampen from the Bus.

The Journey to Sweden that August was quite crazy as well, with several Trains being cancelled and me missing the Ferry to Gothenburg.

In Sweden.

That was not my craziest Journey so far though. My craziest Journey actually happened in November 2014 over three and a half days and it took me halfway across Canada, from Kitchener in Ontario all the way to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Shot from the Bus somewhere in Alberta.

Back then, I had just landed a Job in the British Columbia Mountains as a Dishwasher in a Heli Skiing Operation. I absolutely loved it there, but this Storey is not about the Mountains, it is about getting there. Read more about the Mountains here.

Along the way in Ontario.

Since I just had landed a Job on the other side of the Country, I somehow had to get there. And back then, I was not exactly swimming in Money. I wanted to take the Canadian, a Train, from Toronto to Vancouver, but that was to pricey.

In Vancouver.

So I decided to take the Bus. And because I had Hosteling Discount back then, I only paid around 175$. But it took me more than 3 Days to get there, and the only upside to that was that I did not have to pay for a Hostel at night.

Trains pulling into Cologne Main Station.

I absolutely love those crazy Journeys. Except maybe the one coming home from Sweden, that was awful. But in General, I always met some awesome people along the way, some of whom I still have Contact today. Sometimes, taking the unusual Route actually pays off.

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