I really dislike Tripods.

A while ago, I wrote that I do not usually use Tripods for my Photography. I now feel the need to elaborate a little further.

While I do own a tripod or two, they are an absolute displeasure to use. One could even go as far as to say that I really hate tripods.

Shot today, without a Tripod.

Tripods are often quite large and thus take away a lot of space, even if collapsed. Because of that, they usually do not fit into most Camera Bags and have to be strapped to the outside. And a big Tripod on your Backpack definitely screams out that you are a Photographer, and that you probably have a nice bit of Gear with you. While some might be okay with that, I am not. We all buy inconspicuous Packs for a Reason, after all.

A Tripod would have hindered me to get this Shot.

Another beef I have with Tripods is that they need even more space when deployed. And while that might not be a Problem in every Situation, it is an adverse factor in others. I usually like to shoot without having to figure out if there is enough space for my Tripod first.

No Tripod needed.

When I still brought my Tripod with me pretty much anywhere, I almost never used it anyways. That was usually because setting up the Tripod always took away so much time. Time that I much rather spend actually shooting. Without a Tripod, I am able to try out way more Compositions in a way shorter time frame.

No Space for a Tripod.

Sometimes, I quite like it to do some Long Exposure Photography. And while some might argue that you really need a Tripod for that, I have found ways to be independent of them even in such situations. And for the eventuality that I do need a Tripod, I still pack my small Manfrotto Pixi, a table top Tripod that I usually use as a grip while filming Video.

I used a Railing for this one.

All in all, I would much rather use a Monopod before I would use a Tripod, and with Image Stabilization built into most of my Lenses, I do not even use that old thing anymore, as it is also in the way most of the time. I also prefer to not have the added, in my case dead, weight on my Shoulders. So I leave my Tripod at home, and I highly doubt that will change anytime soon. Because I really dislike Tripods.

4 thoughts on “I really dislike Tripods.”

  1. There is no question tripods are a pain to carry and use. Unfortunately they are a ‘necessary evil’ for some instances. They can do things monopods can’t, such as hold the camera still for long exposures. I’ve just been using my 40+ year old tripod for some night shots, and it squeaks and is a pain to extend/retract and gets really cold in our recent frigid temperatures. But it was the only way to do the pictures.
    One of the reasons why I generally do not do long exposures. :p

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    1. So true. But as stated in the Post, I have had success shooting some Long Exposures without a tripod. But if I really want to go after a Shot I need Legs for, I still have some and keep them on my shelf. But I do not take them anywhere I go.


      1. It’s all a matter of how long the exposure is: a monopod and IS will do for speeds up to maybe 1 second, but after that you’re not likely to be able to hold it steady. What I’ve been doing is 20-30 seconds and that’s tripod territory!

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      2. In theory, and most of the time, it is. But I have successfully used Railings, Rocks, Monuments and my Car for those tasty 30 Second Exposures. Also, I have not used my Monopod since over a Year.


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