Filming in the Dark.

Sometimes, I really love it to do some Filming at Night, when the only Light available comes from Buildings, passing Cars and Streetlights. I actually enjoy shooting at Night way more than I enjoy shooting in Daylight.

I guess that is because at Night, I do not have to remember putting on my ND Filter. At Night, I just have to find the Light. And that is actually quite easy here in Osterode and also in Clausthal.

At University.

At Night, things are simpler. People are not really paying attention at you, and you can pretty much just film away. And the results look awesome. Even when you shoot at those higher ISOs. But I have always been a little bit partial with shooting in the Dark.

Near Clausthal‘s City Hall.

The one thing I do different is that I pay more Attention to Shutter Speed and ISO rather than Aperture at Night, while I usually shoot in Aperture Priority during Daytime. I also edit my Night Shots slightly different.

Another part of University.

Since I really do not like Tripods, I just do not use them. Except for my miniature Tabletop Tripod. I love that thing, even if it makes me a hypocrite.

Shot with the help of my Tabletop Tripod.

The result of todays Video Shoot will be published in a separate Post once it is done and on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Filming in the Dark.”

  1. You could shoot some smaller ‘segments’ of those images, leaving out the light sources and just showing the illuminated subjects. Some of that brickwork is pretty fantastic and would make a fine picture all on its own.

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