The one Exception.

While I usually find Tripods appalling, there is actually one Exception to that rule: My miniature Tabletop Tripod. I actually quite like that little thing.

Maybe, that makes me a hypocrite, but I would not really care. Because sometimes, I love it to take some tasty Long Exposures. And while I have done so without a Tripod, sometimes you really just have no other choice.

Shot in Osterode.

While I also like to take Pictures in the Dark without a Tripod, I do prefer the lower Noise of a nice Long Exposure. I also really like Light Trails sometimes, and you just can not get those with shorter Exposures.

Some nice Light Trails.

The good Thing about that Tabletop Tripod is that it is quite small and fits into any of my Backpacks without a problem. It is also very Light, yet sturdy enough for what I do with it. It is also very quick to set up. You just have to fold out its Legs, and you are ready to go.

Shot yesterday in Clausthal, with the help of my Car.

Another thing is that my Tabletop Tripod is also designed to be used as a Video-grip for your Camera, and it works quite well that regard. It is also very comfortable to hold that way.

Another one from Osterode.

And while I still really do not like my full sized Tripod, and actually use it as a stand for my Laundry Sack currently, I do like my small Tabletop Tripod. Mostly because it does not take away any space.

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