Awesome Fog.

Today, I stopped along the way to the Gym for a Phone call. That was when I saw this awesome foggy Scene just past the parking lot.

It was just to beautiful to not jump out of my Car, run down a muddy Hill and take Pictures of it.

I just loved the Fog.

It was actually quite foggy today. And I absolutely love the combination of Fog and Autumn Colours. Ever since I saw Pictures of this combination on Instagram, I wanted to shoot such Scenes myself. And today, I got lucky.

Fog & Autumn Colours.

As soon as I drove up to that Parking Lot, I saw this foggy Scene unfolding before my eyes. And I knew right there and then that I had to shoot it. First I tried it from the Parking Lot, but there were trees in the way of my Composition.

I absolutely love the Fog.

Because of those trees, I made my way down a very narrow and slippery path. I almost fell a few times, but the view was definitely worth the trouble of getting to a better spot.

More foggy Pictures.

I am glad that I stopped my Car to take a Phone call today. Otherwise, I would have never been able see this magnificent Scenery. I would have just driven past it on the Highway.

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