Trying out Presets.


Today, I got the opportunity to try out a handful of select Lightroom Presets from 123 Presets.

Usually, I would never use Presets that I did not make myself, but I thought that I could give it a try regardless.

And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the Presets that I chose for myself. They actually look quite nice. But as with every Preset, I treated them as a Starting Ground and tweaked them a little bit after applying. They stayed pretty much the same in Essence though.

It was actually very easy to import those Presets into Lightroom and then apply them to my Photos. You just have to hit the little ‘+’ sign next to the Presets Area and select ‘Import Presets’. To use them, you just have to select your Image and apply the Preset you want to use by clicking on it.

One of my favourite Presets was Orange, but also really liked Mercury. It was a lot of fun going out to shoot and then edit with them today.

There’s actually a Sale going on over at 123Presets. And with the Discount Code ‘SAVE30’, you can save another 30% OFF your Purchase. While I personally liked their Presets, I always only treat Presets as a Starting Ground for my Images, and so should you. No Photo is the same, and no Preset will ever fit every Picture right away. And that is good.

*This Post is Sponsored by 123Presets, who gave me five of their Presets free of Charge for a review.

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