Beautiful Nature.

I absolutely love Nature. It is the most beautiful thing we have around us. For me, Nature is everything.

Some of my favourite Photos were taken outdoors. Without Nature, I would have probably never really thought of starting Photography when I did. Back than, I had a small 36 Shot Disposable Camera, but in Nature, everything was good.

The abandoned Quarry in Wolfshagen.

Without Nature, we humans are nothing. We would not even be here if it were not for the natural Evolution of things. But ever since the Industrial Revolution, we have not treated her well. We throw our Garbage everywhere.

At the Prinzenteich.

Mountains are full of Waste, our Oceans are littered with Plastics. And all that just because we consume without thinking and throw out what we do not want to have anymore without taking care about where it ends up. And that is not okay. In fact, it is plain wrong.

I love the Mountains.

I want to be able to enjoy Nature tomorrow. And every day after that. I want future Generations to enjoy our Forests, Mountains, Fields and Seas just the way I do. And we has Humans have the responsibility to make that possible.

A withering Leaf.

Nature is strong, but it just can not cope with all of our BS. Consume more responsibly. Repair what can be repaired. Do not waste food that is still good for consuption. Just rethink. Because I want to be able to enjoy Nature tomorrow.

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