Mobile Editing.

I love Photography. And for me, Editing some bland RAW Files and turning them into something beautiful is a big part of Photography. And sometimes, it is actually the part that I actually like the most.

That is because through Editing, I can give the Photos that I took my own aesthetic. Through editing, I am able to cook the Files the way I want, adding just as much spice as I want to. I love Editing.

Edited completely on my iPad.

Up until recently, I found myself forced to go to my Laptop for any bigger Editing. Mostly, because there was no good alternative available for Photoshop, except for maybe Pixelmator, to do more intricate Edits such as Spot Healing.

Edited with Lightroom & Photoshop.

While Photoshop on the iPad currently only offers the most basic tools, I have everything I need at the touch of my finger. Even though you can not yet select ‘edit in Photoshop’ in the Lightroom App.

A Taxicab in Osterode. (Long Exposure)

I do have to say that I had expected more after Full Photoshop for iPads being announced last year, but I am happy with the Tools I have. Except for maybe the Crop Tool.

In Clausthal.

Being able to edit my Photos on my iPad a little bit better now does not mean that I am going to dump my Laptop anytime soon though. I just will not have to bring it along when I am travelling anymore, and that is a relief. I also still can not work with selective Filters that go after Luminance, but I do not use those all the time.

*I am not affiliated with Apple or Adobe.

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