Woodland Photography.

I used to not like Woodland Photography to much. This past few weeks, starting when I visited the WeltWald, I actually started to enjoy Woodland Photography though.

And I do not mean taking Pictures of Forests, but inside of them, off the beaten path. And that is kind off Fun.

In a Forest.

I always liked Pictures of Trees growing in the wild. But I never liked my own Results, as I often found them somewhat lacking. I can not actually specify what I did not like, but I guess that I was just used to really good pictures on Instagram and got somewhat discouraged by that.

Into a Tree.

Yesterday, after exploring that Lost Kiosk, I decided to stay in the Area for a bit to take Pictures in a small, yet quite long Strip of light Woodlands. I used to spend a lot of time there with some Friends in my Childhood, but I had not been there in a while.

Some Trees standing among fallen Leafs.

A friend of mine even did a Short Film in the Area at some time, but I do not actually remember the Title of that Movie, or if it was any good.

From the WeltWald.

I now think that Woodland Photography is actually quite a bit of fun. I had a great time wandering around that little Forest yesterday. And I will do more of it in the Future.

Another Woodland Photograph.

Now about some technicalities: Usually, you would want to use as low of an ISO as possible to get a clean File. You also would use a narrower Aperture to get a better Depth of Field. So usually, you would use a Tripod because of the resulting slow Shutter Speed.

A foggy Forest.

But I really do not like Tripods, so I just set my Camera to Aperture Priority and go with those higher ISOs. That is beca I do not have any Problems with using them.

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