Pen & Paper.

We all live in a more and more digitized world. Nothing works without the Internet, for some, not even simple Journaling.

I personally have tried various Journaling Apps, but I always found myself returning to the simplest Methods of writing my experiences down: Pen & Paper.

My Wandernadel Pass as a stand-in for my Journal.

It all started back in 2014, when I was preparing to go to Canada. I had toyed around with some Apps before then, but I always found myself forgetting about them. Since I had a Paper Notebook with me anyways, I decided to use that. I also had an extra Booklet that used to have Friends write some Mementos in. I treasure those Notes.

I am obsessed with Paper Maps.

The same holds true for Maps. While I use their digital counterpart for Navigation, I always get a Paper Map wherever I go just to mark off the places that I actually visited. To me, a Journey does not really feel whole without me making my mark on my Map.

I love to print my Pictures for the same Reasons.

I just love it to be able to hold all my Notes and Memories in my Hand on a nice piece of Paper rather than staring at them on a cold Screen. I also really love the feeling of my Pen moving across the Pages leaving its marks wherever it goes. That feeling just can not be recreated Digitally.

A withering Leaf.

I do not use my Journal on every day though, as I reserve it to when I Travel and for other Special Events, as I also do not want to use to much Paper, after all.

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