The Teufelsloch.

Lately, I am really into Woodland Photography. I also really love it to go out and Explore in the Harz. Today, I did not have to go far from Osterode.

The Teufelsloch is a Karst Spring locates South East of Osterode, just about 1.5km from the Leege Area, where I lived for most of my Childhood. Back than, I was roaming around the Forest all the time, but I had not been at the Teufelsloch for a while.

The Teufelsschloss.

On the way to the Teufelsloch lies the Teufelsschloss. A Chateau like House that was built there in the late 90ies/ early 2000s. It does look quite awesome nonetheless.

Fallen Trees.

I also came past some really interestingly deformed fallen Trees while following the Path to the Teufelsloch. As the Area is a Nature Reserve, those Trees will not be removed, and it is advised to be cautious of your Surroundings when Exploring in the Area.

The Teufelsloch.

As a Child, I was always mildly afraid of the Teufelsloch, as we where told that it is hundreds of meters deep, and that the actual Devil would drag you down if you came to close to the Water. But I guess we where told that because as a former Sinkhole, the Area is, while stable, also not the safest spot to be.

There are a lot of Myths surrounding the Teufelsloch.

Because the Water in the Teufelsloch is always quite murky, and the Area is quite inhospitable, People in the old times were under the Impression that the Devil would not be far. Another Fact that supports this Myth is that the Karst Water in the Teufelsloch usually does not freeze in the Winter because of its high Limestone concentration.

Today, the Water actually looked quite awesome though. I did not wander much closer though, as it had rained the Night before, and the Leafs made the Slopes way to slippery. The air was also extremely humid.

Some Trees on the way back.

On the way back to my Car, I then decided to take a different path that would take me past my Grandmas house, where I stopped by to have a drink of water.

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