Hiking around the Jettenhöhle.

Today I had some time on my hands in between, so I decided to go to Düna to hike around the Jettenhöhle in the Hainholz Nature Reserve.

While my Hike really was not all to long, I had an absolutely great time there. It did not make it to the actual Jettenhöhle though, as access to it is not permitted for safety reasons since the 1990ies.

The only Road into Düna.

The Hainholz is a Karst Area near Düna south of Osterode, and the Jettenhöhle is a Cave within that Area. It is a designated Nature Reserve full of Sink Holes, Karst Springs and Caves. And it is quite beautiful there!

In the Hainholz.

Because of all those Geological Occurrences, it is advisable to stick to the Trails, as there might be smaller Sinkholes around the foliage. The Jettenhöhle itself is closed because there is a constant Danger of partial collapse.

The Pferdeteich.

Because Düna itself lies on a Water Divide, there are no natural Springs or feasible wells within the Village itself. Because of that, the People in the Middle Ages often led their horses to a Water filled Sinkhole/ Karst Spring to give them Water.

An old Sinkhole.

I absolutely loved my short Hike through the Hainholz. There was just so much to see and even more to take Pictures of. And I have not ben begun to fully explore the Area. So there is much more to see.

An awesome looking Beech Tree.

After hiking around the Jettenhöhle, I was then finally able to put some Winter Tires on my Car. And as it looks, I did that with no time to spare, as it has already snowed up in Clausthal.

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