Lerbachs Mühlenteich.

I am in Lerbach quite often since I am going to the Gym there for almost two Years. But I never really Explored the Area.

Today, there was still some Light after my Workout, and so I decided to change that. I chose the far End of Lerbach as my starting point, and it was a good choice.

The last Houses of Lerbach.

There I found the Ski Slope and the Mühlenteich. I had been in the Area before, but not in many years. Yet I still have some fond Memories of that Ski Slope, going down it on a Bobby Car in the Summer once.

The Forest on the far side of the Ski Slope.

On the Bottom of the Ski Slope lies the Mühlenteich, an old Mining Pond. The Dam of that Teich is actually quite high, and I believe some old World War II relics, namely some White Phosphorus Grenades, where found there a few years ago when the Hillside started to emit some Smoke.

The Dam of the Mühlenteich.

I absolutely loved the Reflection of the Trees on the Teich. And while the Water had a somewhat green Tint, I still found it to look quite awesome!

The Bridge at the End of the Dam.

One thing that drew me closer to the far End of the Mühlenteichs Dam was a loud roar of flowing Water. When I came closer to a small Bridge connecting the Dam to the Hillside, I found out that that Roar came from the Teichs Overflow.

The Mühlenteichs Overflow.

At that time, the Light began to fade quickly, and I decided to head back home to Osterode, but not without snapping a quick Picture of my Car.

My Car below the Mühlenteich, including the Ski Slope.

I quite enjoyed my short Explore Session in Lerbach today, and I am definitely looking forward to Exploring the Place a little more.

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