Stay away from Rails.

Lately I see them on Instagram over and over again: Portraits and Selfies taken on active Train Tracks. There where tons of such Pictures a while ago, and I still do not understand why People take them.

Sure, Rails are cool, they can signify a way Forward. But Trains run on Rails, and Trains are Dangerous, as long as you are not inside them as a Passenger or Railroad Employee.

Some Rails in Osterode. (Taken after a Train had passed, on a one Track Railway.)

Trains are going Fast and they are quite Heavy as well, resulting in a lot of Kinetic Energy barreling down the Rail Track. And you often can not hear them until they are pretty much right next to you. And no one can survive that.

Some Trains from a Bridge.

I knew People who died to Trains for other Reasons, none of them good. But also none of the, as trivial as some stupid Pictures.

A single Track from a Bridge.

Not only is it Dangerous to take Pictures near to and on the Rails, as most Trains have a quite significant Overhang, it usually is also Illegal to cross the Tracks. Except for at official Rail Crossings, of course. So if you do not get hurt, you could also get Arrested.

Some Rails in Hattorf. (Inactive at the time of shooting.)

And even if nothing happens to you, taking Pictures on the Rails just is not worth it. It also turned more and more into a cliche over the years. So just stay away from the Rails. For your own sake, and for the sake of the Train Driver coming at you.

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