Removing Distractions with Photoshop.

Usually, I do not Remove Stuff from Photos. But with me getting better at Photoshop, that kinda changed.

Now, I still do not get crazy with any of the Healing Brushes. I just remove Things that are Distracting and or Annoying in the Image. Usually, I just take out Small Things though.

Wild Trash Bags.

Take this Picture I took this afternoon for Example: Someone, who is an absolute a**hole in my Opinion, left some Trash at a small roadside parking area. And Trash never looks good. It actually makes me kinda Angry seeing Trash where it does not belong.

After Removing the Trash in Photoshop.

But I liked the Rest of the Picture to much to just let it go, and so I decided to take it anyways and then Remove the Trash in Post. I also removed some Traffic Pylons, but that was more of an Artistic, not an Aesthetic Choice. I could have left them in and would be totally fine with their Presence, but I just wanted to try out something different.

Another Photoshopped Picture.

On this Picture though, I did. way less Work. I just removed some remaining Branches from a Tree that was just out of Frame after Cropping and some hanging Twigs from the other two Trees as well as a huge Pile of Dog Poop on the Feldweg that I had not noticed earlier.

Photoshopped License Plates.

I also use Photoshop every time I take Photos of Cars that I want to Publish to remove their License Plates for Privacy Reasons. I just do not fancy getting Problems about such things.

No Photoshop needed.

And while I do think that some Photographers overdose on Photoshop, some Editing never hurt anybody. Except for maybe the ‘Straight out of Camera’ Faction. But I do not understand those People anyways.

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