A foggy Day.

Today was a very foggy Day. There was Fog in the Morning, Fog in the Evening and Fog in the Night. Basically, there was a lot of Fog all day long. And it was cold.

But because I absolutely enjoy Photography in the Fog, I took a few Pictures on my way to the Gym and a few more on my way Home from University.

A Path in the Woods.

Fog is a great way to add some Mystery to your Photos and help tell your Visual Story. It just looks extremely Awesome most of the time.

A Garbage Truck,because there was nothing better coming down the Highway.

In the Evening I then made my way to University for a Technical Drawing ‘Exam’, where I just so arrived on time because of a Snail Driver in front of me. I really do not like such People.

One of my favourite Streets in Clausthal.

After University, I then decided to take some nice Long Exposures with the help of my tiny Table Top Tripod and the Roof of my Car. And they turned out to look quite awesome, if I do say so myself.

A Shadow of a Person.

Usually, moving Objects like People either disappear or become a blur in Long Exposure Photos, but sometimes People stand still for a long Time. Sometimes even long enough to appear on Long Exposures.

Right after I left University.

And while the Fog made it harder to Focus my Images, I think I nailed it with the Shots I decided to Publish.

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