How I do Handwritten Titles.

Lately, I have been adding Featured Images with Handwritten Titles to my Blogposts here on to add a little more of my Personality to the Site.

Here is how I make those using my iPad.

One of my Title Cards.

After I know what I am going to write about, I usually go ahead to open Procreate on my iPad, but you can use any Layer based drawing App you want, and create a new 16×9 Canvas. I use that Size to be able to add the Titles to Videos if I want to more easily.

Yesterday’s Title.

I then chose a Brush and start writing with my Apple Pencil, tweaking the Title until I like it. When I am done, I go ahead and hide the background Layer and any other Layers that do not really work out and Export as PNG.

My favourite Title so far.

I then go to Pixelmator or Photoshop to add the Title to a fitting Image. While I could do that in Procreate as well, I prefer Pixelmator. That is because I can change the Colour of the Title in the App quite easily. I have not yet figured out how to do that in Photoshop on the iPad.

Sometimes I add normal Text.

Afterwards, I just add the finished Title Card as a Featured Image here n my Blog.

*I have no affiliation with any of the Apps and Services stated above.

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