How to get around in Germany.

I absolutely love Traveling. Weather I go abroad or stay here in Germany, it is just too exiting to see new tThings and visit new Places every once in a while.

Sometimes I also return to Places that I have been to before. Things change all the Time, and it is always interesting to see what is going on in the World.

A Bus in Clausthal.

But off course you need to get to Places to explore Places. And that is where ‘Getting around’ part comes into play. And there are many Options here in Germany. You could take your Car or hire one, but I am not going to go into that Realm here.

A Regional Train in a Field.

You could take the Flixbus, but here in the Harz, those never go when you want them to. You can get to Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and, I believe Münster, without changing Busses from Osterode, but I am really not a huge fan of it.

An ICE High Speed Train.

Another great way to Explore Germany are DB Saver Fares. Sometimes, you can actually save quite a bit of Money be choosing one of those, but you are bound to specific Trains, unless something goes wrong on the Rail Companys side.

Regional Trains in Wolfsburg.

My favourite way to take the Train are the so called Ländertickets. While you are bound to use Regional Traffic only, you can take as many Trains in a day as you want in the Area where your Länderticket is valid. Those are usually between 25-30€ for one Person, but you can add up to four more Travellers for just 5€ extra per Person. (Up to five in total.)

A Subway Station in Hamburg.

The best thing is that you can also use your Länderticket for Public Mass Transport in most Cities. You could for example take a Bus from Clausthal to the Train Station in either Osterode or Goslar, board a Train from there to Hamburg, with a few Transfers in between and then take the Subway to the Landungsbrücken and all the way back again.

A Regional Train in Bremen.

Regional Trains are usually also better on Schedule than Long Haul Passenger Services that are more than often completely packed because one Train or another was cancelled for Technical Problems. On the other hand, travelling in a below capacity ICE is really comfortable, and also quite fast.

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