Arriving in Hamburg

After finding out that I do not have to go to Work this week, I decided that I wanted to go somewhere. I quickly set my Sights on Hamburg.

I had not been in a while, and getting there would be quite affordable for my Friend and I with a Niedersachsen Ticket. Sadly, my Friend caught quite a bad Flue, but since we had already bought the Ticket, I still went. I did not find another Friend to take in time though.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.

So I started my lone Journey around 9am at home in Osterode. After falling asleep on the Train multiple times, Trains make me very sleepy, I arrived in Hamburg around 2pm, right after Schedule.

At the Landungsbrücken.

After I arrived, I quickly took the S-Bahn to the Landungsbrücken to check in at the local Jugendherberge. You actually have a great view at the Elbe from there, and the prices are fair in my opinion.

Hamburgs’ Rathaus.

I then had to hurry up to get to the Jungfernstieg Area for a Video Workshop at the Apple Store. When I arrived there, the local Station was evacuated for some Reason or another. The workshop itself was quite some fun, and I actually learned some new things.

Towards the Elbe.

Now I am sitting here in the Hostel Bar, planning my Journey for tomorrow and Thursday. There is just so much to see and do here in Hamburg.

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