Arriving in Hamburg

After finding out that I do not have to go to Work this week, I decided that I wanted to go somewhere. I quickly set my Sights on Hamburg.

I had not been in a while, and getting there would be quite affordable for my Friend and I with a Niedersachsen Ticket. Sadly, my Friend caught quite a bad Flue, but since we had already bought the Ticket, I still went. I did not find another Friend to take in time though.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.

So I started my lone Journey around 9am at home in Osterode. After falling asleep on the Train multiple times, Trains make me very sleepy, I arrived in Hamburg around 2pm, right after Schedule.

At the Landungsbrücken.

After I arrived, I quickly took the S-Bahn to the Landungsbrücken to check in at the local Jugendherberge. You actually have a great view at the Elbe from there, and the prices are fair in my opinion.

Hamburgs’ Rathaus.

I then had to hurry up to get to the Jungfernstieg Area for a Video Workshop at the Apple Store. When I arrived there, the local Station was evacuated for some Reason or another. The workshop itself was quite some fun, and I actually learned some new things.

Towards the Elbe.

Now I am sitting here in the Hostel Bar, planning my Journey for tomorrow and Thursday. There is just so much to see and do here in Hamburg.

1 thought on “Arriving in Hamburg”

  1. Hamburg looks like an amazing place to explore and photograph! Having finally visited Munich this year, I’m certainly interested in seeing more of Germany. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


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