My favourite Pictures of 2019.

I love Photography, and in 2019, I learned a lot of new Stuff. But since the Year is almost over, I am now looking back on what all the Pictures I took, and I have decided on my personal Favourites.

And that was no easy Task. I took a lot of Pictures in 2019, many of which I absolutely love. But as without anything, I had to limit myself to just a few Choice Photographs.

Taken on the Brocken in early 2019.

In the beginning of the Year, I had taken the Brockenbahn up to the Namesake Mountain. That was an expensive Journey, but it was definitely worth it. And I came back home with one of my absolute favourite Pictures of this year. And I first considered it a blunder!

On Schiermonnikoog this March.

When I visited the Netherlands this March, I thought that I had taken my Favourite Picture in Groningen, but in the End, I like this Picture of the Dunes on Schiermonnikoog way better. It just invokes way more Memories and Emotions then those colourful Houses in Groningen.

Shot in Fedderwardersiel.

In May then, I spent a few days at the North Sea with my Family. And I still love this Picture of a Crab Cutter. That is because it reminds me of the awesome Time we had there!

A Teich in the Harz.

Somewhen in the Course of the Year, I learned to really appreciate the Qualities of a Telephoto Lens. They just bring their unique Look to the Scene.

Shot at University.

I have absolutely no Idea why I like this simple Picture I took at University this October so much, but I definitely do!

At the Teufelsloch.

This Picture is another of my favourite Pictures I took this Year. It also concludes my Personal 2019 Shot List. If you are interested in any of the Stories, check out the Links I left throughout this Post.

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