The ‘Rapids’ near Lerbach.

Today, on my way to the Gym, I thought that the Light on some Trees just out of Lerbach looked really awesome. So I stopped my car just in Town and then walked back to the Spot.

When I arrived there, I saw that the Lerbach, a small Stream, had carved itself into the Hillside there. There where even some ‘Rapids’ there. It was so beautiful.

Orange Light on the Trees.

Since it they did not look quite right from the Road, I had to walk closer to the Lerbach to take a few Pictures. And it was slippery, because of several Years of fallen Leafs just lying there.

The Rapids.

But of Course there was some carelessly discarded Garbage in the Area. In this case, it was a blue Plastic Bag. And it made me angry. Because I absolutely do not understand why People treat Nature like shit.

The beginning of the Rapids.

Because of the aforementioned Leafs on the Ground, I almost landed in the Rocky Stream several times, but luckily, nothing actually happened.

Another Shot of the Rapids.

I never expected to see something like this in Lerbach, and I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful Sight. I really liked it! And after taking my Picture, I went on to the Gym, and had a fantastic workout.

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