I absolutely love Travelling. It is one of the greatest things to do, when you have some time on your hands. But for some People, it is more of an addiction.

Those People suffer, or, or depending on your viewpoint, enjoy Fernweh. While there is no direct translation into English, I guess the closest Word would be Wanderlust.

Shot in Sweden.

When you are a Fernwehmensch, or someone who has constant Wanderlust, it is hard to settle down and stay in one place for too long, often leading to a more or less nomadic Lifestyle.

In Rotterdam.

While Fernweh definitely is not a bad thing to have, it does tend to drain your Bank Account after a while. The good thing is, unlike with most addictions, you actually get something out of Fernweh. Experiencing foreign Cultures is just so awesome!

In Hamburg.

I know all that, because I am a mid-grade Fernwehmensch myself. After a few Months at one place, I usually get quite antsy. Then I need to go somewhere else for a while. The good thing is, that my Wanderlust is usually satisfied after a few days. After that, I feast of my short time away for quite a while. Until I have to get out there again.

4 thoughts on “Fernweh.”

      1. Indeed! It’s just coincidence that the ‘English’ word which best fits is German in origin. But then ours is a Germanic language, with much of its makeup only slightly altered from the original.

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