Pixel Peeping.

Digital Photography is awesome. You can pretty much do what you want, and you are only limited by the size of your Memory Card. And those usually hold way more than just 36 Shots.

But all that Pixely Goodness also has its downsides. Because you can do what you want, you can also easily overdo things. And then there is Pixel Peeping.

Shot in Lerbach.

So what is Pixel Peeping, anyways?

In Lightroom, and other Photo Editors, you can select how your Image is displayed. There are options that fit the Screen or are smaller, but you can also enlarge to obscene levels.

Near the Jettenhöhle.

That is where Pixel Peeping comes into play. Its when you zoom into your Picture so far that you can actually see individual Pixels to edit out any flaws. Or to find out that you do not like your new Lens, because it is to soft in the Edges at 800% Zoom.

The thing is that most People never view your Images that closely when they are browsing Instagram. And even when you do huge Prints, Viewers usually step away from the wall to be able to see the whole Picture. No one really cares about Pixel Level imperfections.

At the Chilehaus in Hamburg.

In my opinion, only Photographers who take boring Pictures that clearly lack a Story or that are just not that good anyways blame their Misfortune on the Equipment they use.

A while ago, Canon was criticized in Forums for having Portrait Lenses that where ‘too soft’ in the Corners. Only that most Portraits do not place the ‘important’ Stuff in the Corners. And that the Softness was only really noticeable on Pixel Level.

Near Hattorf.

That is not to say that I do not Zoom into Images while Editing. Whenever I want to remove Distractions, I actually go in quite far, so that I am not disturbing the whole Picture with my Edits.

But I never Zoom in to Expose flaws in the Pixels of my Images. As long as they are overall good, I really do not care about the deepest Levels of the Picture.

A Train near Hattorf.

And neither should you. Instead of complaining about things that only you notice, just get out there and improve your Photography by actually doing some.

Also, Mary Christmas and happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Pixel Peeping.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I only worry about how a picture looks at the level it will be viewed at. For the most part that’s <2 MP. The only lens I have that fails my test is the 18-55mm kit zoom that came with the Canon; even my blurry eyesight can see it's soft all over at normal sizes. The 55-250mm is actually visibly sharper. Neither compares to the Takumars or the Nikon's fixed-mount zoom. Again this at the normal viewing size. If I don't see a flaw at that level, it's fine.

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