Hiking in Oberschulenberg.

Since Christmas is over since a few days, and we probably all ate way more than we actually needed to do, my Family, some of our Friends and I went hiking in the Harz today.

We started our Journey in Oberschulenberg just out of Zellerfeld this morning, around 10:30 am, to hike up to the Schalker Turm and get two HWN Stamps on the way. One at the Schalker Turm, number 125, and one at the Lochstein, numbered 126 in the System.

We started our Journey in Oberschulenberg.

Most of the way to the Schalker Turm was going uphill. And while I definitely do not have the best fitness level, I actually did not do half bad.

Up at the Schalker Turm we had a short Lunch Break and got our first Stamps of the Hike.

Near the Schalker Turm.you can see the Brocken to the left.

After we left the Schalker Turm to head towards the Lochstein, the Path pretty much went downhill all the time. It was actually quite steep in some Areas.

Luckily though, there were almost no icy patches, where I would have probably slipped and fallen.

Walking towards the Lochstein.

At the Lochstein, we just got our Stamps and then made our way back to the Car via Festenburg.

And we had to walk downhill even more. And the Paths conditions deteriorated over time, because there were some frozen solid tracks of forestry machines.

There were many People around

We were back at the Car around 2:20 pm, after around 3.5 hours of hiking. I actually had an absolute great time. It was quite awesome, even though I was drenched in sweat and quite exhausted after the Hike.

But that was absolutely worth it.

Shot on the Way to the Schalker Turm.

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