My last Pictures of 2019.

2020 is only a few hours away from me here in Germany. And so I decided that I would write a little bit about the 2019 and the (probably) last Pictures of the Year.

After going on a short walk earlier today, where I had forgotten my Camera at home, I decided to take my Car back to the Spot and take a few Pictures while it was still light outside.

My favourite view of Hattorf.

2019 actually was quite a good year for me. I achieved way more than I would have imagined and actually landed my first Sponsored Post that I did not apply for myself. I also got way more stuff done in than in 2018.

Off course the Year also had some downsides, but I think that I managed to avoid most of the major stuff.

The Harz from Hattorf.

But enough about the Past. Let me talk a little about the Future instead. I am planning on finishing University this Summer, a goal which I should be able to achieve.

I am also going to do a thing that I am planning on doing since Christmas 2018: Making my own Wallet. I do have some Leather now, but I still need a few Tools to get going.

A Power Line going towards Hattorf.

About those final Pictures: Because of the bad Light and all the Haze in the Air, my Camera had a real hard time Focusing, but I think that I got it right.

I took all the Pictures in the Feldmark between Hattorf and Schwiegershausen. I absolutely love that Area. It offers some nice Photo Opportunities.

One of my favourite Pictures taken in the Feldmark.

I am excited about what 2020 has in store for me. See you next year.

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