Look Down (Sometimes).

I absolutely love grand, captivating Landscapes. They are one of the best Things in Photography in my opinion.

But sometimes, the more intricate Details are equally as impressive, and sometimes even more so. Sometimes, you have to look down to see grandeur.

Somewhere in Hattorf.

Today, I was out for a short Hike with my Family here in Hattorf. For most of the Walk, I was unable to see much because of the low Sun, which blinded me.

When we reached the Rotenberg Area, a Mountain ‘Range’ just south of Hattorf, I took some traditional Landscape Shots. Most of them did not turn out the way I wanted them to turn out. In fact, I am not really happy with most of them.

Some Bushes.

But when I started to look down, I found myself more and more impressed with the Results I was getting. They looked Stunning!

There where Things on and near the Ground that I would have probably just walked by on any other day, and my Family certainly did just that.

A simple Stick.

There were Sticks lying around, Pebbles frozen in Puddles of Ice, and all kinds of other marginal, yet magnificent Things. Those every Oddities usually go by unnoticed, but they deserve so much more.

Sometimes, it is good to look down. Or up. Or anywhere else there are some of those intricate Details to Spot and Shoot!

Pebbles frozen in a Puddle.

I absolutely love the Results I have been getting today, and I am definitely going to look for Details to feature in my Landscape Photography.

In the end, it was rewarding to explore an Area of Hattorf I have not been to in Ages, if at all, on the Minor Scale. And I will definitely do it again.

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