The Oderparksee.

Since I am currently staying in Hattorf, and I also want to get more Exercise in this Year, I decided to walk around the Oderparksee

Since I also had to drop off some Letters and Packages at the Post Office, I took the long way to the Teich. I also decided to walk a bit of my old Paper Route on the Way.

At the Oder.

I also got myself a Bottle of freshly squeezed Orange Juice that was actually quite awesome.

When I later arrived at the Oderparksee, I found the Path around it to be quite slippery in some spots, because the frozen soil was melting in the sun.

At the Oderparksee.

While walking around the Oderparksee and taking Pictures, I ran into the same Runner at least three times. And he looked more and more exhausted every time he passed by.

But enough about that. There were actually so many People around the Area, it was actually hard to get any Pictures without some Kids running into Frame, but I managed.

Some People walking around the Oderparksee.

There are a lot of awesome Photo Spots around the Oderparksee, but quite a few of the Pictures I took are full of Lens Flares, and I currently do not really like that.

Except for that, I am actually quite happy with most of the Pictures I took today. The reflections on the frozen Lake just looked so awesome!

The frozen Oderparksee.

I t is actually quite fun to get more Exercise into my Life. I guess that is partly because I love closing Rings and earning Achievements on my new Apple Watch, but I love it anyways.

And I do not think that that is a bad thing.

A frozen ‘side arm’ of the Oderparksee.

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