Hiking through the Fog.

Today, I was out hiking in the Harz with my Family again. We had originally planned a 10 kilometre round, but it was quite foggy and very rainy.

So we decided to take a shorter Route in Bad Grund, from the WeltWald to the Iberger Alberturm via the Hübichenstein. At the Albertturm, we also got a Stamp for our Wnadernadel Passes.

At the Hübichenstein.

The Hüchichenstein is a tall Rock Formation near one of the Parking Lots of the WeltWald in Bad Grund, and it is a steep ascend. And today, it was also slippery from the Rain.

But that was no Problem, as we all made it up eventually, even though my Fear of Heights kicked in a little bit. Visibility up on the Rock was poor though, because of all the Fog.

On the Hübichenstein.

On the Way down, we then decided that we would continue to the Albertturm on the Iberg. That is an observation tower.

Even though my Brother does not have a Harzer Wandernadel Passbook, we wanted to collect our Stamp up on that Mountain, numbered 130 in the System.

On the way to the Albertturm.

The Path to the Albertturm was extremely steep and muddy at first, but the closer we came to the Tower, the easier it got. Only the Fog was a little annoying, again.

But after a while, we reached our destination and got our coveted Stamps. And I actually started to enjoy the Fog a little. And there was actually a little Snow left on the Ground.

At the Albertturm.

After having some Tea and Sandwiches, we started our descent after a while. And because of all the Mud, we were actually slower going downhill than coming up the Mountain when we started our Journey.

Even though I was really exhausted when we were back at the Car, I had a really great Time with my Family. After all, Hiking is more fun in a Group.

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