I love Wide Shots.

I love Photography, and lately, I also really love Hiking. And when I am Hiking, I prefer to pack light.

So I usually bring only a few Lenses with me. Usually, I bring my Primes and a Zoom or two.

Shot near Oberschulenberg.

But lately, I mainly use my Ultra-wide 10-18mm Lens the most. I usually do not even bring any other Lenses with most of the time to safe weight and space for my Water Bottle.

Hiking is just so much more fun when you do not have to carry around to much stuff. Also, I absolutely love to take Wide-angle Shots.

In Hamburg.

While I do like to use my Telephoto Lens for Landscapes as well, I prefer my Pictures to be Wide. I guess that is mostly because I lately stand inside the Landscape that I am shooting, instead of looking at it from afar.

And when you are sitting right there in your the Trees or in the Mountains, it is easier to capture the Scene and create captivating Images with a Wide-angle Lens.

A Wide shot of the Harz.

The only things that I do not like to much are the small Aperture of my particular Lens, it starts at 3.5 at 10mm and goes down to 5.6 at 18mm, and the levels of Distortion at the Wider End.

But luckily, Lightroom does quite a good Job minimizing those Distortion Levels, and my Camera performs quite good at higher ISO Levels.

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