Around the Oderteich.

Today, I was Hiking again. This time, I went all around the Oderteich. I wanted to do that several times already, but there was always something keeping me from doing so. Like the weather.

But since I recently like Hiking quite a bit, and I also had only one Stamp missing to get the first Achievement Pin for my Wandernadel, the Bronze one, I decided to finally take the Hike around the Oderteich.

At the Oderteich.

The first bit of my Hike was quite rooty. But I managed to get through without tripping.

Apart from that, the Oderteich Area is actually quite beautiful. And in the Summer, you can actually go swimming in the Teich.

Hiking on a Forestry Road.

After a while, I had to walk along a Forestry Road for a while, which was a welcome relief from all the Roots. And the Path actually stayed quite nice pretty much up until the Stamp Box.

But then, it got extremely muddy. It was awful. I sank my Boot in it up to my ankle. It was also freezing cold. But I got my Stamp.

The Sonnenkappe River.

The Path back to the Parking Lot where I had left my Car was actually quite nice for the first part. There was a nice Path and I made good Progress for a while.

After a while, I reached the wooden Walkways that carry you over a Moor. Those are so narrow, two People can not pass each other without awkwardly shimmying around.

The Walkways.

After a while, those Walkways were over, and the Roots started again. The Mud also started again. But luckily, I only had about 500 meters left to Hike to reach the Dam of the Teich.

When I was almost at the Dam, I had to divert from the main Path a little because of a Construction Site.

The Oderteich from its Dam.

I had a great Hike around the Oderteich, except for that Part where I got my Boot soaked with Mud. That was really not that nice. In fact, it sucked. A lot.

But I made my Hike and had Fun doing it. And that is what matters the most. Enjoying what you are doing.

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